Friday, 20 February 2015

Explanation of Statistic Terms


Amount of playing time as shown on the clock. If stop time is used the amount is the time the ball was in play, otherwise it is the time from when the period was started to when the period was ended.


The number of goals scored and when.

Shots On Goal

The number of shots on goal, saved and scored.

Offensive Rebounds

Number of times there was a shot on goal that the keeper saved, and the team that shot got possession of the ball again.


The number of times the keeper stopped the ball from scoring. Measured as the number of shots on goal that did not score.

Under the count of the saves is the save percentage which is the number of saves divided by the total number of shots on goal.


Number of corners the team has taken.

Goal Clearances

Number of times the team's goal keeper has had a Goal Clearance.


Number of fouls the team committed.

Number of possessions

The number of times that a team has had possession of the ball.

It is not unexpected for the number of possessions to be the same between the two teams. The only time when a difference will occur is at the start of a period, a foul where the team being fouled had possession, or if a team takes a shot a gets the rebound,

Possession Time

Amount of time that the team had possession of the ball when the ball is in play. When the play is stopped, possession is also stopped.

Under possession time is the possession time percentage, which is the possession time of the team divided by the total possession time for both teams.


Number of passes that were completed. A pass is defined as two first touches in a row by the same team.

Under passes is the pass completion percentage, which is defined as the number of passes over the sum of the number of passes and bad passes.

Bad Passes

A bad pass is one in which a team had possession of the ball and lost possession without getting a shot, or being fouled, or the period ending.

If the shot missed button is not used then a shot that missed the net is treated as a stoppage, which is recorded as a bad pass.

Also treated as bad passes are: blocked shots, running the ball out of bounds, and intentionally kicking the ball out of bounds.


A turnover is one in which the team had possession and the other team got possession without a shot, or stoppage in play. It gives a measure of how often the team turned over the ball without a stoppage.

Deflections Out

A deflection out is where there is a kickin, corner, or goal clearance by the team that got the last first touch. It is a measure how often the ball went off a player without being seen by the statistician, but seen by the referee.

Pass Strings

A pass string is the number of passes made without an intervening event that takes away possession. The report will give the number of pass strings for each length. For example, you may find that a team that has had three pass strings of length 5.